What is Curated English? 

To curate is to choose and select with intention.

Life is busy.  Most people don't have time to pick out the best advice or content on the internet. 

Curated English is a way for creative women working in English to develop their communication skills in English whilst keeping up to date with the latest news and developments from the anglophone world.           

On this site you will get weekly tips and tricks to improve your English and help you to spread your message even further and connect with other women working in English as a second language.



Designing your English means building your language with the same precision you apply to your business.

It means security that every detail of your brand in English is how you want it, from your website and instagram hashtags down to the way you speak over the phone or when having coffee with a potential client.

You should be able to learn the English you need so that you are in control of how people perceive you and so you enjoy speaking in English.

It means you can craft your personality in English, choosing what and how you share your message and making sure you are as confident and energised about it in English as you are in your first language!


Most importantly, curating and designing your English means less time studying and more time drinking coffee in that cafe you've been meaning to get to, reading a book on the beach or having a long lunch with your favourite people!




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