1-2-1 Coaching Session - NEW CLIENTS


1-2-1 Coaching Session - NEW CLIENTS

27.00 30.00

If you need help planning your language learning or you just need the occasional class to boost your learning. 

Before the first coaching session you will complete a detailed questionnaire about your learning history and what you want to get from the hour.

You will also complete a short spoken task so that I can complete an accent review for you before the first class.

This session includes:

- Assessment of your pronunciation problems

- SMART goal setting for your language aims

- A written copy of the session emailed to you

- A full check of your strengths and weaknesses with writing and grammar (worksheet to be completed before the session)

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  • A free English level test with detailed feedback
  • A free consultation on Skype
  • You can choose the length and number of lessons you want
  • Regular feedback about your knowledge gaps and performance problems