Here are some of my favourite resources for problem solving or to immerse yourself either digitally or in person!


Community & Professional development

Women who...... My current students will know that I have a bit of a girl crush/obsession with both the book AND the podcast of Otegha Uwagba, get your London fix while meeting an amazing array of women with their business experiences and general positivity. Filthy laughs aplenty, it makes me a bit homesick when I'm listening!

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Leo listening - Cara Leopold helps English learners understand spoken English


Do you speak freedom - Veronica helps non native English speakers with all their copy writing needs!

Interview practise & professional advice

English with a twist - focuses on bringing your confidence level up to that of your native colleagues if you're already working in English.

Career Contessa - this is aimed at native speakers but you should take advantage of the very informative newsletter, lots of practical advice.



What to use and when

  • Problems with your writing either at work or in your personal life? Start with Grammarly, FluentU or Engvid.
  • Do you want to combine your social time with English practise? Try Meet up or Skillshare.
  • Looking for career development and a CV boost? Futurelearn, Skillshare or TED.
  • Grammar needing a refresh? Head to Memrise or Engvid.
  • Can't find interesting things to read or feeling out of the loop professionally? Sign up for podcasts with Monocle (download the app to access all of them), Vox for current affairs or follow It's nice that, Creative Review and Fast Company on your facebook/twitter feed.