Curated English started when I saw that no one was producing beautiful and relevant content for creative women working in English.


Hi I’m Emma, founder of Curated English!

Since 2015 I’ve been working closely with creative entrepreneurs, professionals and NGOs here in Madrid, particularly supporting women in business.

After listening to all the problems my clients have had working in English and working out solutions with them I’ve created Curated English, to help you to communicate your message and tell your story to a much bigger audience by feeling as confident (or even more confident!) in English as in your first language!

If you have had any of these problems:

  • understanding native speakers
  • feeling embarrassed speaking in English 
  • feeling unsure about how your digital self appears in English. (It might be the content on your website, the hashtags you’re using on instagram)
  • or even answering the phone confidently when you see a British phone number rather than throwing it to your partner in a panic. 


Sound familiar? Then welcome friend, this is the place for you!

I have solutions for all of these problems and more, you can sign up for the newsletter here to get them delivered to your inbox each week, or just check in to the site and try out a tip each week and you’ll soon feel much happier and more relaxed about your English life!

I created the site because I believe in the power of connecting online, I’ve managed to make so many positive changes in my life (we managed to get a Dalmatian from an abusive home here in Madrid to his new family in London this year!) and through connecting other people via social networks that despite the negative impacts too much tech can have,  having a digital home for Curated English has always been a priority.


Our world is stressful and noisy and the internet can be even more so. 

Lots of my clients were overwhelmed by where to begin with their English study or indeed how to fit it into their lives, Curated English is here to be an antidote to that.

A simple and clean space with easy to follow and implement tips for your English.


A little about me:


A teacher told my mum that I was a ‘portfolio personality’ when I was in high school. I had no idea what that meant at the time, but 15 years later having started and left 3 degrees (Philosophy, History of Art and English Literature if you’re interested!) an Interior Design diploma, an art foundation, worked in fine dining restaurants and a brief spell as a bar manager - where I set fire to the bar at 11pm on a Saturday night getting a line of absinthes ready for some drunk business men - I now have a much better idea…..

I’d always been fascinated by the new and different and by helping people to find the best way of living their life. 

This all made sense when I did my English teaching qualification (CELTA) in Thailand. 

Suddenly everything dropped into place, teaching English allowed me to meet the most diverse and fascinating group of people in my life and at the same time I get to help people problem solve specific areas in their business or professional lives. The more people I worked with, the more experiences I could bring to benefit my other clients!

After teaching general English in Melbourne I quickly specialised in working with creative industries and with NGOs when we moved to my boyfriend's hometown of Madrid 3 years ago. 

Television production companies, Photographers, Events Managers and NGO directors way seem like different roles, but what ties them together is their need to innovative and inspire the people they work with as well as tell their story to people outside their industry. 

This is where I come in, focusing on messaging through pronunciation and intonation, choosing the right vocabulary and expressions and working together to look at how you present yourself in English.

So welcome to the site, if you have any problems or questions, please do let me know, the more I know what the needs of my readers are, the better I can provide you with solutions! 

Thanks for stopping by!




This is Rosie and me.... you will probably see a lot of her on this site!