3 Podcasts in English with transcripts

learn English podcasts

If you're struggling to get into the podcasting world because you can't follow those fast speaking ladies at the High Low I completely understand, so here are three podcasts on very current and fascinating topics that you can access the transcripts to easily!


1. About Race Reni Eddo-Lodge

I'm very excited to listen to this podcast, I listened to an interview with her on the in good company podcast (which if you haven't listened to yet, please do!) She is the author of Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race the interview was funny, packed with information and I immediately ordered the book and am now consuming as much written by her as I can. The fact she already has transcripts for each podcast just makes me love her even more!


2. The Allusionist Helen Zaltzman

About language, it's funny, entertaining and there are a great variety of voices on here. My favourite episode so far has been about Mary Shelley being inspired to write Frankenstein during a storm next to Lake Como in Italy. Less highbrow, there are also plenty of spicy episodes about swearing and words we use for sex! 



This is pretty epic. The resources on here are huge, you have the TED radio hour where they discuss 3-4 TED talks with the people who present them which means you get to hear the story behind the glossy presentation.  They break the transcripts into 9-10 minute sections of the show so that you can listen and read at the same time. Just look at the menu on the top left and click on transcript to see it.

Tiny desk (for music lovers) where a band will play around a tiny desk...... (click on the link, it's exactly as it sounds.) Doesn't have a transcript, however you have a written description of the performance and a video so it's still a great resource to improve your listening and get some new music at the same time!

There are lots of other shows on many topics, so I would suggest spending a bit of time on the website and exploring to see what you enjoy!